Letter to Editor: Tiffin

Letter to Editor: Tiffin

We are proud to announce the purchase of the Clinton Elementary School building located at 2036 E. TR 122 Tiffin, Ohio 44883. Welcome to our new home…

ECI Inc. grateful for support

July 6, 2013
Advertiser Tribune

Letter to the Editor:
I am proud to announce our purchase of the Clinton Elementary School building located at 2036 E. TR 122. Our corporate offices, Inspirations Day Program, Baskets By ECI employment opportunity and our transportation services will call this new location home. With about 26,000 square feet of space and almost 7 acres, we have plenty of room to accommodate our recent growth trend as well as develop and expand our services in the future. The possibilities are limitless.

This relocation has been progressing over the last year and it would not have been possible without the help of Tiffin City Schools, Tiffin City Board of Education, Director of Operations Scott Daniel, Superintendent Don Coletta, Clinton Township Fire Department and the Clinton Township community for their support. Their enthusiasm and willingness to address all of our questions and concerns helped us move forward to purchase this historical landmark.

As I walk through the building, the pride of the Clinton Elementary students and personnel is clearly evident. From individual goodbyes scripted on chalk boards to framed and crafted artwork by the students, their past celebrations remain throughout. ECI will preserve many of their shared and meaningful messages which further enhance the great character of the building. These have grown very near and dear to our hearts.

While starting to move belongings into our new building, we also are reminded how much we will miss working alongside the Commission on Aging. Even though we are only a short distance away, we will miss the daily camaraderie we have grown so accustomed to on a daily basis. We wish them well as they continue to grow and provide valuable services to seniors.

I personally want to extend my gratitude to everyone who has made this possible for ECI. I am humbled by the amount of support we have received throughout this process. It is with great faith, a firm economic foundation, and most of all a devoted and passionate community; we welcomed the opportunity to further invest in the future for ECI within Tiffin and Seneca County.

Laura Withrow, president, ECI Inc.