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ECI Inc.

Celebrating over 40 years of service, ECI continues to provide an inclusive range of services to people with differing abilities throughout Ohio. Singled out by the Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities, we were chosen early on to set the pace as a pioneer among providers and today, we continue to set new standards statewide building upon our past successes. With unity of purpose, ECI is committed to enhancing the lives of the individuals we serve with the utmost of integrity, respect, and care.

Need A Place To Live Or Help In Your Home?

We can provide assistance with daily living activities in your home of one of ours.

Do You Need Adult Day Services?

We provide recreational and vocational services at our Inspirations Day Program.

Do You Need A Ride To Work?

We can provide transportation to any day program or job.

Do You Need Help In A Nursing Facility?

We can provide this at our 8 bed licensed ICF/IID in Clyde, Ohio.

Need Help Getting A Job In The Community?

We can help you get employment.

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In Detail

Our Services

Homemaker Care

Our beautiful, spacious homes provide welcome and comfort to all who enter along with the amenities that allow for convenience and easy living. This service can be provided in your home or in one of ours. The services we provide within the home are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each individual increasing their independence within the home.


  • Basic personal care and grooming such as bathing, hair care and assistance dressing.
  • Encourage and help with household chores for the individual, such as changing bed linens and washing the laundry, promoting healthy practices and assuring comfort.
  • Ensure the individual takes his/her medication or perform health-related tasks that are required and delegated by the individual’s physician and a licensed nurse. Additionally, assist the individual to medical appointments.
  • Aid the individual with shopping needs within the community for such things as food and clothing. Encourage and assist in the participation in social and recreational activities both inside and outside of the home as well as being active in community services.
  • Preparing and cooking meals with the individual or for the individual staying mindful of healthy choices and adhering to any special dietary instructions.
  • Go on errands on behalf of the individual, i.e. - picking up medication from the drug store.
  • Transportation to access community services, activities, and resources.

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services are activities in a non-residential setting providing assistance with acquisition, retention or improvement of self-help, socialization and adaptive skills that enhance social development of daily community living.


Adult Day Services are designed to build community and independence. We offer recreation and leisure, personal health and well- being activities, and employment training opportunities at our Inspirations Day Program.

The hours of operations are M-F 9AM-2:30PM and transportation is provided.


Safety and dependability in transportation is our utmost top priority and we go to the extremes to make sure each and every trip is safe and comfortable for our passengers as well as our drivers.


Non-Medical Transportation

Non-Medical Transportation includes transportation services that are necessary for an individual to participate in Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, and Supported Employment, as specified in an ISP. We can provide transportation to any day program.

HPC Transportation
Transportation from one’s home to community services, activities is Homemaker Personal Care Transportation.

Intermediate Care

Located in Clyde Ohio, our spacious and beautiful eight bed ICF is designed, decorated and equipped to welcome the most discerning client. One visit and you will want to be a part of the ICF/IID family.


Our Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectually Disabilities (ICF/IID) is licensed by the ODDD to be operated by a specific provider at a specific location.

The Department of Health (ODOH) certifies the licensed facility as meeting the federal requirements to operate as an ICF/IID. E.C.I., Inc. provides 24 hour personal care and is responsible for all aspects of care for the individual, including but not limited to: financial matters, transportation, habilitation, social, and medical needs.

Employment Services

We are very grateful to the many businesses and organizations that support this program and our See My Abilities ™ anthem. The opportunities for inclusion of the individuals we serve, is very much appreciated. For employers interested in becoming a Supported Employment Employer, please contact us for more information.


ECI provides job coaches, supervision and training to help individuals find and keep paying community jobs at places where persons without disabilities are employed, placing the focus on their abilities while side-by-side with them. Supported Employment services are intensive, ongoing supports that encourage and assist people to perform work in a regular employment setting become confident and independent. This includes self-employment. Supported Employment does not include sheltered work or other vocational services furnished in specialized facilities.

To further assist individuals with supported employment, ECI provides their transportation to get to and from the workplace assuring on time punctual schedules. We want their inclusion in the everyday workforce and integration into society to be both a positive and learning experience.

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