I like E.C.I. because we have a great team who supports the most awesome clients. It doesn’t feel like a ‘job’ when you are doing something you love and have a company that supports you doing so!


ECI is a company that really cares for an individual’s needs. Helping each one to reach the goals in their lives. ECI raises the bar for excellence and great expectations for the people we care for.


I have been with E.C.I. for almost 20 years and they hold a huge piece of my heart! Helping individuals with developmental disabilities grow into today’s society can be a challenge, but at the same time very rewarding.


I love working with my clients. E.C.I. is a family, and they are just not there for the residents but the staff also. The best part is at every meeting they let us know how much they appreciate us. Love you E.C.I.!


I like ECI because they put their trust in me by giving me the opportunity for employment and allowing me to grow with this company.


I love my clients. I enjoy working for E.C.I. They appreciate everything we do. A great company to work for. I have been here for many years.


This is a job where the people we serve truly do come first. A job where it is ‘person centered’. A place where people are people and not just a room number, or a check off the checklist.